Massage Your Feet Every Step 


Massage Step insole is a must-try new experience on the feet. With US-patented Hydraulic Memory Fluid technology, the insole is engineered with a specially formulated, safe, non-toxic and high-pressure resistance fluid. It responds to the contours of the feet as you walk, creates a massaging action that stimulates the pressure points on the bottom of the feet. It massages and soothes the tired, tender, aching feet. It provides you all-day comfort and definitely, leaving you with less sore and fatigue caused by prolonged walking and standing.

Fast Pain Relief 

The patented Hydraulic Memory Fluid Technology which helps align your feet into proper positions. It redistributes weight and pressure evenly as you stand and walk.
Our insoles also include a Bio-Magnetic Energy that improves blood circulation. We have specifically designed the Massage Step with your relief in mind in a way that aligns our bio-magnet with a vital meridian pathway. This placement of the magnet is of great help for pain.  


  • Responsive fluids form to the feet for personalized cushioning

  • Excellent shock absorption

  • Reduces harmful impact on joints and metatarsal bones

  • Improves foot alignment and balance

  • Constant massaging action

  • Noticeable Fatigue reduction

  • Strategic bio-magnet stimulates and improves blood circulation

  • Antibacterial properties (against germs and odors)

  • cut to sized and machine washable

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